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Proscenium Players

Proscenium Players Inc. (PPI), was founded in October 1965 by Maizie Harris-Jesse and Jim Johns because, at the time, Carson City was without a live theater company. The first show PPI produced was Tobacco Road and it was performed at the Civic Auditorium (Carson City's Children's Museum) which makes PPI the longest running theater company in Carson City, Nevada. The mission of PPI is to be a non-profit organization committed to presenting high quality theater in Carson City. Since it's humble beginnings, PPI has produced over 160 plays, murder mysteries, musicals and workshops for the community. During our 44 year partnership, many of these have taken place at the Brewery Arts Center. To this day, we have kept the traditions of our initial season alive and and Maizie Harris-Jesse attended every opening night performance until her passing. Brewery Arts Center's Black Box Theater was eventually re-named the Maizie Harris Jesse Theater to honor its founder. Although a volunteer driven organization, we are committed to what we do for our community because we believe live theater is important for a well-rounded society. Offering an affordable, living and breathing alternative to digital entertainment brings community together, often to create positive change and promote creativity. There are many tangible and intangible benefits of producing live theater but the benefit with the most lasting results comes from having people of all ages and different backgrounds coming together for a common goal: to put on a great production.

Creating theatrical opportunities for over half a century​


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Listen each week at 7pm Friday nights and 9pm Sunday nights. 

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of one of our founders, Maizie Harris Jesse in 2020.  She is pictured here in her theater the Maizie Harris Jesse Black Box theater, now re-dedicated as "The Maizie" Theater.

Maizie Harris Jesse